Cayman Corporate Centre

Cayman Corporate Centre

Cayman Corporate Centre

July 21, 2020

Alteration to upgrade equipment and increase reliability due to aging of 21 year old elevators:

Cayman Corporate Centre is a commercial office building with 2 traction elevators installed in 1999. The cabs and fixtures were dated and equipment was experiencing intermittent issues with the processors and circuit boards. The original elevators had a brushed brass finish. The brass is coated in lacquer to prevent tarnishing. This brushed brass finish required regular maintenance by stripping and reapplying the lacquer to keep the lustre of the brass but remained difficult to maintain. For this reason the Owner decided to change the cab interiors, entrances and doors.

In April 2019 Androgroup Elevator submitted a proposal for modernization:

  • Operational Alteration: replace controllers with TK Elevator TAC32T Controllers with the latest technology for floor positioning and proper building security interface, install all new wiring, replace fixtures, replace hoist and governor ropers, install new rope brakes to provide a secondary means of braking and ascending car over speed protection.
  • Aesthetic Alteration: entrance frames, doors and new cabs with 441 series brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Building works: all building works required were included in our proposal and completed by AMB Construction Ltd.
    • Build and install 6 hoarding walls with doors to partition areas for demolition work
    • demolish and remove; drywall from 6 elevator landings, wall mounted granite on elevator wall, concrete infill around 12 elevator door openings
    • supply and install metal studs, mineral wool, sheetrock, pour concrete infill for 12 elevator door openings
    • complete wall finishing and painting

The modernization work was carried out on one elevator at a time, keeping the other elevator in use to service the occupied office building. Safety netting was installed in the hoistway to partition off the elevators during the modernization.

The material was delivered to site November 2019.

The following schedule of work was carried out on Elevator 1 between January-March 2020:

  • Take elevator out of service, remove cab, entrances, doors and controller
  • Contractor removed existing entrances within the hoistway
  • Install new controller, wire and make the unit operational under construction platform operation
  • Install new entrances, doors, position indicators and hall lanterns
  • Contractor reinstall fire rated shaft wall assembly around door frames
  • Install and wire rope brake
  • Install new hoistway wiring and traveling cable
  • Build cab and wire cab
  • Professionally painted hoistway equipment, pit walls, pit flooring, machine room equipment and flooring
  • Commission and pre-test elevator
  • Carry out inspection testing with Department of Planning

The schedule of work was carried out on Elevator 2 between May – July 2020. Following completion of inspection on elevator 2 the hoarding and safety netting was removed from the hoistway and both elevators were fully turned over back in service to the Owner.


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