Construction / Industrial Elevators

Construction / Industrial Elevators

Androgroup Elevator Ltd can provide industry leading vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs). VRCs are a safe and economical way to raise and lower materials in warehouses and distribution facilities. VRCs are not elevators and must not be used to transport people.

Hydraulic Lifts – cover two levels & handle loads up to 6,000 lbs

Mechanical Lifts – cover multiple levels, standard or custom designs to handle loads of multiple pallets, oversized materials, large carts or heavy machinery


Modernisations, alterations or replacement of unserviceable or obsolete components. Upgrade the aesthetic of your elevators cab enclosures, panels, fixtures or enhance your business with digital marketing screens.

Services And Maintenance

Maximize the performance, safety and life span of your elevator equipment with our comprehensive maintenance program: preventative maintenance, full coverage wear and tear parts replacement and service requests.


Our experienced team can work alongside architects, contractors and owners for any size project from the design stage to install and inspection.