Working in the Cayman Islands

Working in the Cayman Islands

Located just south of Cuba, the Cayman Islands are a collection of three islands and a British overseas territory. In total, the islands comprise of 102 square miles, with Grand Cayman being the largest. The islands’ population is a bit over 60,000, which is dwarfed by Miami’s 463,000 residents.

Each of the islands provide visitors and hopeful residents with unique opportunities for Cayman Islands living: Grand Cayman has become famous for beach resorts, scuba diving and snorkeling. Trying to go offshore fishing? Cayman Brac is a popular location to get started. As for Little Cayman, there’s a multitude of wildlife for nature enthusiasts to explore.

Living in the Cayman Islands is very safe for expats and natives alike. A small country that’s big on international business, education and attracting overseas investment, the local authorities do a good job of keeping things running smoothly. In fact, it has one of the lowest violent crime rates of any state in the world. It is probably the most secure country in the Caribbean and there are no areas of the island to avoid.


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