Private Residence

Private Residence

Private Residence

March 27, 2018

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator install in existing two storey residence:

June 2017, we performed a home assessment to identify elevator equipment to meet the client’s need of a wheelchair accessible home lift for an existing two storey home. The Vacuum Elevator PVE 52 was identified as the optimal equipment, requiring minimal construction work- no machine room, no hoistway and no pit required. The machine has a capacity of 525lbs and can carry three passengers or one wheel chaired passenger.

September 2017 we were hired by the home owner to supply, install, commission and to obtain Government inspection. Additional builder’s works included cutting the second floor balcony existing slab and beam to accept the elevator and installing a new steel beam to support the slab.

January 2018 we provided a scope of works to the contractor for required electrical work including a communications circuit for telephone. All cabling was run through unfinished attic space.

March 2018 we delivered the material to site and began install. Hoisting equipment was required to position the equipment for install. Install, calibration and testing was completed in 7 days following which the unit was inspected by Cayman Islands Department of Planning Elevator Inspectors and handed over to the client.

Androgroup Elevator carried out factory training at the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators headquarters in Miami FL and is authorized to sell, install and service all Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator Equipment.

After an accident left me with no access to my 2nd floor level, I turned to Androgroup Elevator Ltd. for assistance. They found the perfect solution for me, followed up throughout the whole process and ensured the elevator was in perfect working order. I could totally depend on them. I’m happy to refer Androgroup Elevator Ltd. to anyone without hesitation.” – Kim Lund


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