Sunshine Suites

Sunshine Suites

Sunshine Suites

November 23, 2019

Install of 2 TK Elevator evolution 200 elevators on an existing building:

Sunshine Suites, Grand Cayman provides affordable boutique lodging with resort amenities. The property has 131 guest suites, the building has three stories. In December 2018, an Architect for Sunshine Suites approached us to provide quote and specifications for elevator install. Initial specifications planned for the use of hydraulic elevators. Following the release of the evolution 200, Androgroup Elevator recommended the use of the new traction elevator package by TK Elevator. This product would offer a belted traction elevator with regenerative drives and faster operating speed, while utilizing less power consumption than the hydraulic elevators.

February 2019 – Barbre Consulting Inc. developed specifications for competitive tender.

April 2019 – Androgroup Elevator entered into a contractual agreement to provide and install two TK Elevator evolution 200, three stop, 200 fpm elevators within a highly compressed project schedule.

The project required install at an existing 3-storey hotel. This construction phase was closely coordinated by MGAC and the selected contractors Arch & Godfrey, BrittHay and CMC to add the elevator hoistways and all required mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire alarm provisions required for the elevators.

November 2019 – Equipment installation. The first elevator was installed by two TK Elevator National Installers and two TK Elevator Field Engineers. During the install the TK Elevator team provided installation and maintenance training to Androgroup Elevator technicians specific to this new equipment. The second elevator was installed by the Androgroup Elevator installation team.

December 2019 – Both Evolution 200 elevators certified for public use following acceptance testing by Cayman Islands Department of Planning elevator inspectorates and further approved by Barbre Consulting Inc.
Androgroup Elevator is the factory direct authorized distributor for TK Elevator.


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