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April 07, 2018

Up-Lifting: Enhance the value of your home with an easy to install Residential Elevator.

A new line of cutting edge home elevators offer a simple way to future proof your home and assist in overcoming mobility issues. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators (PVE), available on island through Androgroup Elevator, are ingeniously designed to make them economical on space and energy consumption, and straightforward to install.

PVE elevators are housed in a transparent, polycarbonate and aluminium cylinder that is powered not by cables or pistons but by air. Because the cylinder is self-supporting it eliminates the need for a pit excavation, hoistway or machine room, meaning the elevators can be retrofitted into existing homes almost as easily as they can be installed in new builds.

andro-elevators-pve-cayman-02The simplicity of the design means the entire installation can be completed in as little as three days and the low footprint of the cylinder – between 32 and 53 inches in external diameter, depending on the model – enables it to fit into spaces other elevators cannot.

PVE elevators require minimal energy to ascend, and none at all to descend, making them extremely economical to run. With few moving parts, maintenance is also minimised: no lubricants or oils required, only a seal replacement every four to five years.

With no unsightly cables or pistons, the elevators are visually unobtrusive. A choice of six standard colour finishes allows homeowners to match the look of the elevator to their interior colour scheme.

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