Real Life Caribbean Spring 2019

April 07, 2019

A Rising Evolution: Innovative lifts to carry staff, clients and guests higher, faster.

As ten-storey buildings become an increasingly common feature of the built environment in Cayman, the need for fast, reliable elevators has never been greater.

Following on from their launch of a new model elevator for private residences in Cayman, Androgroup Elevator Ltd. is now pleased to offer a new innovative solution for commercial buildings.

The thyssenkrupp evolution 200 elevator line offers both size and speed: with a maximum capacity of 5000 pounds and travelling 600 feet per minute, it is the ideal choice for offices, hospitals, hotels and condominiums; and is designed and engineered for hassle-free installation and ease of maintenance.

The cutting edge evolution 200 elevators don’t require cranes for installation and, because everything fits into the hoistway, they offer a simple solution for both new builds or renovation projects.

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